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I am on opaites for my TMJD and though I dont get constipated it is very hard to go like you said and you bust a vein in your head. I asked my Doc about this and told him I dont need something to make me go just something to stop the pain and strain when I do go. And he put me on Docusate Sodium 100mg one capsule 2 x a day. And believe me I am a new person it is a prescription stool softener. Ask your doc about it and give it a try it might help you. Good luck.

TMJD for 12 years
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Anxiety/Panic Attacks (cured now I think)
Teen daughters that have had medical problems and I will help and over advice on what areas I am knowledgable in.
Hysterectomy in 2002 due to endometrial bleeding.
Hernia repair in 98.