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Exclamation I woke up early with a severe pain in my heart...

I had been exercising vigorously the night before, then I went to bed hours later and I woke up at 7:30 am with a severe cramping feeling right on top of my left breast...right where my heart is. I've never in my life experienced this, nor have had any heart problems...I kinda freaked out and took some asprin because I'm very uneducated about heart problems, but i've heard that asprin thins your blood and it makes it easier on your heart... I'm only 21 years old and I take vitamins every night and I exercise regularly. I dont understand. Is it possible to pull a muscle in your heart area? Cuz that could definitely be it...and would make me feel better then an actual "heart problem". It still faintly hurts right now. I just checked my pulse and its at 62 beats/minute....doesnt feel abnormal. I was (in my work out last night) doing some twisting exercises...would that affect it?

Please reply, I'm way too young to be worrying about heart stuff....and its totally making me panic...thanks.

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