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Re: next weaner

Originally Posted by dback
4 years, hyzaar for 2 years
Dback, In my opinion 4 days is way too rapid a wean, especially after 4 years. (Although I've heard that for some people it's easier to get off Inderal than Atenolol.)

Generally the longer you've been on betas, the longer they'll take to wear off, or for your body to flush them out of your system.

My suggestions are not a substitute for an experienced doctor's opinion, but it seems to me you'd do better by going a little easier.... taking half dose for a week, then half a dose every other day for a week, and then stop, of course monitoring your BP and heart rate all the way. If needed, a third week taking 1/4 pill every other day might really ease you out comfortably.

You might need an even longer wean if you start to notice rebound tachycardia or if your BP spikes too high.

Bottom line, in my humble opinion, is that 4 days @ half dose and then stopping cold, is BARELY what one could call weaning!

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