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post>>>>>>I'm also a little hyperactive. I've had ulcers since I was 16 which has now progressed to a hiatal hernia. When I was younger I had colitis too! So any advice on natural healing for hemorrhoids and IBS<<<<

Yes, the previous post would be correct. If you had colitis once you would probably have colitis now. If there was a time when you did not have problems, the condition was probably in remission.
It does that.
And yes, treatment and procedure for either IBS or Colitis are different.
There can be similarities but basically we are looking at two different conditions.
An other thought on your hyperactivity.
Have you been given a Glucose Tolerance Test?
Not just the standard blood sugar in the morning test but the one where you fast, then drink the special solution and wait a couple of hours and have you blood levels taken again.
Sometimes people have hyperactive pancreatic function that can cause a whole lot of symptoms that are hard to diagnose including hyperactivity with gut problems.
It's worth investigation because this kind of condition needs medical attention and can get pretty serious if not tended.