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Re: Sex Won't Work--help

Hey bud, first lets calm down. I doubt if this has anything at all to do with your being uncut...I am and many of us and condoms aren't a problem at all. I'm afraid you need to give us a bit more information to help you though. When you say it won't proceed, what do you mean? Do you lose your erection or are you unable to insert your penis and penetrate her? I've got another question, are you able to retract your foreskin and fully expose the head of your penis while erect? And finally, when you put on the condom are you retracting your foreskin, holding it down and then putting on the condom? If you don't mind answering these questions we'll see if we can help you figure this one out. I know its tough dealing with this and putting such issues out there for others to see...please don't worry or be ashamed about this...that's why the boards work. You're not alone, we've all had questions, problems and issues around sexual stuff. I'll get back with you as soon as you respond.