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Re: Is it REALLY asthma?

Originally Posted by SupportiveMom
Hi - my step daughter's bio mom has said she has asthma for the last 5 years, however when she is at our home or out with us she has never had an asthma attack of any kind. She does have allergies, as do I and I recognize these symptoms when they occour. The reason my husband and I wonder if she even has it is because her bio mom tends to create problems where they do not exist. She even at one time admitted to faking an illness which had her own mother rushing her to the emergency room and doctors for a whole year when she was a teenager!
My step daughter is off and on asthma medication and has an inhaler which she has never had to use in our home, yet she sees an asthma specialist that keeps perscribing her these medications. I half believe that any doctor will perscribe you about anything that is non narcotic. I have type 1 diabetes and my daughter does as well, my son has allergies and migraines and my daughter also has CP so I know that these doctors will hand out medications and perscriptions like candy - at least where we live!
I just do not want to miss any real symptoms if she were ever to actually have an attack but in 5 years nothing has ever happened in our presence!
I have heard that asthma attacks can be brought on by stress, mold, mildew, etc. Maybe there is something in her mother's home bringing these attacks on? Any info would be helpful THANKS!
If her asthma is allergy-related, it could indeed be something within her mother's home causing it. Dust, dust mites, pets, and mold would all be common allergens that could cause it. Dust mites are especially tricky -- one could have a spotless house that could still be ridden with tons of dust mites, and on the other hand, one could have an extremely dirty house with low levels of dust mite allergen. I myself noticed a difference in my breathing when I went to my grandfather's house in Florida over vacation.

Usually when asthma is thought to be feigned, a doctor can catch on pretty quickly. Their symptoms won't be typical of an asthmatic.