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Re: Went to my cardio appt. today..need help!

I agree, what a horrible way to start the holiday.
I also have had an echo of my heart several times and necular stress test. My husband had a heart attack some years back and they also did an echo on him to assess the damage to his heart. Have they done one on you?
I'm not sure what your test was. Was it a necular scan or stress test?
K-dur is a potassium supplement? Lasix is a diuretic and verapamill is a calcicum channel blocker. I took verapamill myself for about 7 yrs.
You said the other day that your BP#'s are around 150/70 do you think today was a case of white coat or something else?
Gee, I hope someone here can offer more advicebut I do agree with . I'd want a second openion
I hope you can relax for a few days and have a plesant Thanksgiving.
My best to you,