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Re: Chest pain! Heart or something else?

Originally Posted by FrontierDriver2
Sometimes I have pain in the center of my chest that last for a few seconds and goes away. It sometimes comes back minutes or even hours later. It is off center to the left just a little bit. I have also been having some pain on the far left side of my chest. The pain is not sharp, and it doesnt feel like pressure. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? What could it be??

I am only 20 years old. My cardiologist doesnt think I have any problem with my heart. I just had a stress echo done a couple of weeks ago. I have an event monitor and I was able to turn it on and record during this chest pain. I sent the recording in to a call center but they didnt tell me if they saw anything wrong.

I have been under some stress lately. I can go out and run and exercise just fine. This pain is really starting to get to me. I havent had any for weeks and now it's started up again.

What do I need done to rule out a heart problem??