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Re: Describing It?

Originally Posted by FrontierDriver2
... I tried to explain my weird heart beats to my cardiologist and im not sure he understood. ...
To me, most of the time, the problem is not with how the patient communicates with the heart "expert". The problem is whether or not the cardiologist can communicate well with the patient.

The cardiologist knows that there are many ways that the heart can misfire. He sees hundreds of patients, most of them with the same type of symptoms. He sees a lot of patients with PACs and PVCs, and various forms of tachycardias (heart racing) and HE KNOWS, or should know some common reasons why patients get these misfirings, especially the PACs and PVCs.

The Cardiologist also knows how to check to see if there are serious underlying problems and knows if he should take a more aggessive role to solve the patient's heart problems.

I really think that most doctors think that most of their patients are stupid and cannot understand simple heart information, just doesn't care, just doesn't want to take the time needed to effectively treat the patient, or that the doctor didn't do well in school and is just in it for the high paying career.

The sad thing is that patient, after patient, comes out of the same cardiologist's office with the same feeling of helplessness, although most of them have very similar symptoms. Doctors love it when the patient blames it on themselves for not communicating well with the doctor. Doctor's also love blaming the symptoms on the patient by telling the patient that it is the patient's nerves or anxiety that is causing the problem. That way the doctor can collect a large fee, do nothing, and the patient blames the failure to get proper treatment on themselves.

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