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Anyone had this done at an late age? I wanted to get it done but was not sure of the side effects, if any, or the pro's and con's of getting the procedure done. Do they put you under while performing the operation or how is it performed nowadays? In addition, how long does it take for the operation to heal up.

The reason why I am debating on getting this operation done is that sometimes when I am active with my gf, my foreskin will not pull back far enough and it irritates the tip of my penis and sometimes makes it red in that area. I am frustrated at that and also I believe I have way too much skin ... not an excessive amount but I want to see if I should get the procedure done or not.

Finally, how much would an operation like that run and would it be covered under insurance? Its embarassing for me to talk about it but I just need some information regarding this and if someone lives in Texas, please recommend a place. Thanks in advance!

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