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Hello all

i got a penis problem that really is killing me. a month ago, i was lying on bed, and my penis got hard. I pulled on the foreskin a couple of times, and suddenly felt an aweful sharp pain. Then i went to sleep and didn't think of it.
The next few days it was really bad. I felt a tingling scratchy sensation on the underside of the shaft. and i got no erections any longer. Then following week i went to urologist, said i was fine it was all in the mind. But i know it's not.

The next week i kind of felt better so i just went along in life, and i thought i was getting better. but then a few days latter i felt that itchy/scratchy/bleeding like sensation . all day,long . It's been hard to live. I went to urologist again, she gave me viagra. . i wonder why. i'm not wanting to have sex, i just want to feel better. then she just said "it must be bladder irritation". WHAT? i'm teeling her it's in the penis.

my penis doesn't look bruised or anyting. that's why she doesn't want to check anymore. i even suggested we should do some tests, but she says "we can do some tests but i know it won't show anything wrong". mmm?

Ok, so now i'm here. around 5th week and the tingling and impotence doesn't go away. I'm 24 years old. i guess i could accept impotence, since there is no fix. but the tingling pain is really bad. I also feel spasms at random times.

anyone had similar experience or know something i can do about it?

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