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Re: Circumcision

Hey, got it done at 15.. i didn't go under, was afraid of that... so i just got the local(shot).. that part hurt... didn't feel a thing, took little time... but afterwards, i looked down, and almost passed out, it was scary! haha i didn't get any pain meds at all afterwards believe it or not, i think just an anti-biotic..... it wasnt really painful at all afterwards, but i wasn't active sexually, i was only 15! but yeah, it was really easy for me.... just the initial "look down" made me nauseous, i hate blood, and it was swollen and stuff! you can have the choice to go under or just have the local done.. if you don't want to know whats going on, i would say go under! your choice though.. don't usually post here, but saw this and thought i'd put my input in