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Re: Weight Gain

My weight stayed the same on everything I tried, except Toprol XL. After 3 and a half months on Toprol, my blood pressure was so spikey I could barely eat anything without setting off a bp spike. I lost 5 pounds in one week then. I don't recommend that as a weight reduction drug.

Having lost that 5 pounds, I determined to lose the other 30 pounds I need to get rid of. I got more consistant about my 30 minute walks each day at work, cut back on my portion size and exchanged more veggies and fruit for starches, carbs, fats and sugars. This is no mean feat, cosidering my bf will only eat plain meat, potatoes (or sometimes white rice), bread and pork and beans for dinner. No veggie stirfrys or veggie casseroles for him! I've also tried to cut out or seriously reduce the size of my desserts, and if I can, change over to healthier desserts.

So far I've lost an additional 6 and a half pounds, for a total of 11.5 pounds lost. I'd like to lose a pound a week, but I haven't been quite that successful. My goal is to lose 4 more pounds by Christmas, and 5 more by Valentine's Day. I don't know if I can get down to 135 pounds without having to subsist on celery, but I'd be happy if I could get to 140 without having to do anything too drastic.

I'm female, 48, 5 foot 6 inches, and got fat before I developed hypertension. Both hypertension and being overweight run in my family, especially my mother's side. I currently take tiazac (calcium channel blocker) and clonidine.

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