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Re: what the hell do i do??

Don't freak out about individual blood pressure readings. BP fluctuates with activity and stress and just daily living.

Where did you take the BP reading? At a store? Some of those monitors are inaccurate anyway. Did you rest for at least 10 minutes before taking the reading? (Longer if you have been particularly active.) The recommendations are based upon resting BP. Do you smoke?

In all probability at your age, if your average readings over a period of time at rest do prove to be slightly elevated, you can make sufficient lifestyle changes to bring it down without meds. What matters to your health is the pressure over a 24-hour day over a period of months and years. So calm down, check it out, and do what you can to live a healthy lifestyle. Unless your pressure is more elevated than that, you have other medical problems like diabetes and/or you have a strong family history of cardio vascular problems, you have plenty of time to start with lifestyle changes, rather than meds. You might start with exercise.

Some BP meds do cause impotence in some people. If you should later need to go on meds and it starts causing problems, ask your doctor to change your prescription to a different med.