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How long can you have symptoms??

Hi all!

I just have a question...

I am 23 years old 5'8 240lbs, and i have had severe pain in my left shoulder neck and arm area for over a year now....

sometimes the pain radiates into my collar bone and left chest area...

i have low blood pressure (due to atenolol 50mgs) and a relatively low pulse...60-70 bpm

i was seen by a nurse practitioner in july for palpitations and tachycardia, and that is when she discovered my high bp (runs in family) and prescribed the atenolol for me. she also did blood work, and my total cholesterol (197) and triglycerides were low..she also did an ekg which came out borderline abnormal because of the tachycardia

i suffer from anxiety so when i get the pains especially in my chest i get worried that it is a heart attack....

i did see the same nurse practitioner about a month ago for the pain in my shoulder, and she said it was radiculitis, and didnt seem worried about it being cardiac related..

i am trying to excercize, and when i do, i do not feel any pains in my chest...

it is mostly when i sit still...or when i type at work (i type a lot at work)

could someone explain to me what the pain feels like when you have a heart attack, and how long symptoms could persist until you eventually have one??

should i be worried....?

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