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A Little Poll....

When were you diagnosed with HBP? March 2002 after a bad drinking binge of 4 or 5 days

What was your B/P? 190/100

What meds did the doc. put you on? Altace & Toprol 50 MGS

What meds. are you on now? Lotrel 5/20 & Atenolol 100 MGS

What is the worst med. that you have been on (side-effects)- It's a tie, but Atenolol would be #1, then Altace & Toprol

What is your average B/P now? 115/66 last month

What is your age? 34

What are the worst side-effects that you have? Lethargy, Depression, GI Problems.

What is the best med. so far for your High B/P? Xanax.... that is why I think it is anxiety related.

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