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Re: A Little Poll....

When were you diagnosed with HBP? November 2001 (after I had lost 60 lbs and stopped smoking!!!!)

What was your B/P? 145/96 (don't remember exact number, but around there)

What meds did the doc. put you on? Verapamil, then Toprol 100 mg -increased to 200 mg.

What meds. are you on now? Toprol 200 mg

What is the worst med. that you have been on (side-effects)- Toprol

What is your average B/P now? 123/76

What is your age? 31

What are the worst side-effects that you have? fatigue, shortness of breath, fatigue, cold hands and feet, fatigue, short term memory loss, oh...and fatigue!!!

What is the best med. so far for your High B/P? Verapamil didn't have any side effects for me, but of course, it didn't control my BP either. So, I'm searching!