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Re: Too much masturbation??

You sound like my b/f. He's also 27, we have sex every time we see each other (3-4 days/wk), and usually do it 2-3 times on those days. He openly admits that he masturbates everyday, even on days we see each other, sometimes 2-3 times/day. Sometimes he'll do it again as soon as he's done! As his g/f, this does bother me. I'm not sure why though. I guess I feel like I'm not doing enough for him, even though he says our sex life is pretty darn hot. I hate the thought of him masturbating to porn or sexy women on tv. I guess that's the jealous g/f in me. He admits that he's definitely more fixated on sex than the average guy. I keep trying to tell him to exercise some self control on the days we don't see each other, and that the anticipation will make our sex even hotter when we get to do it. He says he can't do that. He gets p.o'd at the world if he doesn't get his daily "release". Sometimes if we have a really good session and after I go home, he'll masturbate thinking about how good it was. I'm glad to hear that others do it too, but it still bugs the heck out of me. I told him to quit reporting to me when he's done it. I think what it comes down to is I'm kind of worried that if he needs sexual stimulation this much, he might get it somewhere else. I don't get it!! Someone please explain why some guys need it soooo much when they get plenty of good loving!