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Re: Too much masturbation??

Originally Posted by Thisby
It's too bad your fiance got upset. Did she say why? I think it's important because there are different reasons women (or men too, I guess) would be upset and you have to handle them differently. Also, does she realize that it is common for men and women to continue to masterbate, even if they are in a sex-included relationship?

I personally see no reason why you should cut down, if you say it was having no effect on your sex life with your partner, and since you say she was satisfied with the amount she was getting. But what matters now is how she perceives your need for masturbation and how you BOTH feel you should deal with it. So, what's her angle?
We got together again last night, and partly because of my newfound paranoia, we had a very intense session last night. She climaxed multiple times and I did twice. Afterwards we brought up the conversation again, and she still seemed bothered by it. I'm getting the impression that she thinks I'm not satisfied 'personally' even though I'm satisfied with her. She doesn't like that I'm getting off without her, even when we're not together. Oddly enough, though, whenever I masturbate I think about her and making love to her. I have no desire to be with anyone else, and I told her this. Still, however, this morning I woke up with her performing orally on me, which although is nice, felt she was doing it because she felt obligated or because she felt it would keep me from masturbating during the day. I don't want her to stress out like this over the issue. I'm beginning to think I should try my best to refrain from masturbating, but I know things will be difficult this evening when I've got that need.
I've heard from the ladies on this...any of the guys have this same issue?