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Re: Too much masturbation??

Out of curiosity, how would you feel if you had a gf who was still masturbating behind your back? And what would you think of the possible reasons she may be doing it?[/QUOTE]

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a problem with it...I had assumed that my g/f was doing it already. And I wouldn't say I'm doing it behind her back...I was honest with her about it. That makes it sound like I was cheating or something.
I'm sure she and I will be okay, I just don't want her to think that I'm some kind of horndog or will be unfaithful. But when I started thinking about it, I thought that I have no idea how often other guys do it, so maybe I AM doing it excessively. It's not like I sit with my friends at the gym and talk about how often we masturbate, even though most have mentioned that they still do. I just never thought that I was doing it too much until now. I mean, is twice a day too much? Am I addicted? Is 27 too old to be doing it even 5 times a day every once in a blue moon if I wanted to?