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Re: Too much masturbation??

Originally Posted by edgework
...I won't suggest techniques or scenarios that might include her a bit more (everyone has different needs and fantasies and working out the unique requirements of ones own situation is part of the fun), only that to do so might not only ease her concerns, it might expand the scope of what you both find arousing and stimulating in the context of your sex play.

I will make this observation, however: it's been said that sex is not truly a spectator sport... maybe, however, there are times when "watching" can be an integral part of the action.

I've been working on that the past few days. I suggested phone sex, but she's not into that at all. As for watching, I'm not sure how to do that when we're apart. If we're together, we usually have sex. I might try it the next time she's sore though and doesn't want me to penetrate her. But even then we always do oral or something else.
Thanks for all the replies...they've been encouraging. I've stopped being paranoid about the amount I masturbate...trying to focus my attention on my fiancee. I'm not planning on telling her about when I do it, but I don't want to lie to her when she asks. Or should I? I'm not sure on how to include her without making her feel excluded.