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Unhappy Hemorrhoidectomy blues!!! Will I ever recover from this surgery????

4-1/2 weeks ago I had an emergency hemorrhoidectomy and sphincter reconstruction, to repair a hemorrhoidectomy done a week prior that went bad, where the running stitch had to be restitched, and scar tissue that formed had to be removed from my sphincter. I'm hoping to hear feedback from people who have completely recovered from a hemorhoidectomy or had one 3 or more months ago, and how long it took for a full recovery? Right now I still have pain when I pass stool, like I am cut and/raw inside and bleed about a thimble-full of blood at the end. I am getting really discouraged how long this is lasting to recover. I have part of my original running stitch on the outside with skin grown over that hasn't dissolved and remains as a tender lump. The worse part is the soreness and bleeding when I have a bm, as I thought by now I would be fully recovered. It's really depressing me. I have to add, though, that I have only been going on the toilet for the last 13 days, as before I could only have a bm in a tub full of water. I have to have 3 100 mg. colace a day, eat a bowl of oatment,and a bowl of raisin bran, even add bran to my supper to keep my stool soft, and all of this stuff is starting to interfere with proper absorption of my thyroid medicine, which is okay for a month, but if this lasts for 2 or 3 months, I will become hypothyroid again. Can anyone tell me how long they bled and/or had pain rectally after their hemorrhoidectomy and/or sphincter repair, and at what length of time did they finally feel normal, painfree, no more bleeding at stools?


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