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Runninggal, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to tell me about your recovery. It was a tremendous relief to read your post---I called my husband out and made him sit and listen while I read aloud your post, because he, too, is having to tough it out with me through this recovery, as my main caretaker.

It was wonderful to hear someone who is now fully recovered after the same kind of horrific surgery as myself. I plan on posting again 2 months from now to let others know of my progress as well, and I hope that you let us know how you are doing 6 months from now, so others who face the same ordeal can have a long-term view of what to expect, not just the first horrific weeks. My bm are starting to improve a bit, but I still have a raw feeling inside and still fight off spells of pressure inside, but I now have renewed hope.

I hope others as yourself also add to this post, to help lift the spirits of those who are in the middle of recovery or about to undergo the same surgery. I've been able to find lots of information online about the surgery, but next to none on personal recovery experiences of others, and those are really the ones I have needed to read.