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runninggal, this isn't one of my good days, and I could really use some feedback from you on your ups and downs at the 5 weeks stage and on. Your first post really was a super morale lifter, but here I am at the 5 weeks date from my surgery and I never thought I would still be trying to recover at this time. I have improved a lot on the outside, and even inside, but I didn't think that at 5 weeks I still would be sore inside, and after stools, still have a bit of bleeding and feel raw and sore inside. Mind you the level of pain and bleeding is a hell of a lot better now---but I am surprised and depressed that I still have to deal with this after 5 weeks. Do you remember if you were still sore at 5 weeks after having a bowel movement? And did you still bleed a bit, spot some blood after going? If you were sore or bled a bit, when did that stop??? I appreciate your feedback---it really helps to lift my spirits, especially when my recovery seems so damn slow. I was supposed to follow up with my surgeon today, but I cancelled as I didn't want him probing me now, and hurting me, as I don't feel ready to be examined inside.