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Re: Too much masturbation??

Sabro, your body is your own, and the problem you're talking about is your fiancee's, not yours. She's the one that needs advice, but I'm not in any position to give it. We guys have our own sex needs, our own type of sex drive, and it's more physical than women's -- that's just one of the facts of life. If she can't deal with it, it's not your fault; she ends up simply being overly possessive and in effect selfish, though of course she doesn't view it that way. If she likes to have dinner with you, does she want you not to eat except when you're with her? And if you eat more than she does, does she want you to eat less, because she does? If you need more (individual) sex, more orgasms than she does, why should she want you to abstain just because her needs are less? I can be sympathetic with her, but, I repeat, the problem is hers, not yours, and it's not one you can do much about. It certainly should not be up to you to solve it. If the conflict seems really serious, and she can't change HER attitude, then you may have to re-evaluate just how compatible the two of you are. You can't change your sex drive. There seems to be more & more evidence coming out these days to the effect that most married men still masturbate. Most of them probably just don't tell their wives.

There's nothing wrong with the amount you masturbate, and you'll find yourself living in Frustrationville if you start trying to "cut back" to satisfy someone else's notion of how you should handle the most personal and private part of your body, and the third most powerful urge of the human male: food & drink (together); shelter; and sex. Sex drives are not put in us to be restrained to fit somebody else's preferences and, pardon the expression, hangups.

I don't mean to sound too blunt, and I hope you TWO (but definitely not you, singly) can work things out if you think you really "belong together." Good luck!