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Re: Info Status Thread?

I'd also appreciate it if anyone posting on this thread would tell where they are from.

I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. I have been sick with "continuous" dizziness (NOT vertigo) for 1.5 years, extremem motion sickness and periodic confusion or "brain fog". Prior to that, I had intermittent dizziness (not vertigo) for 1 year. I do get bitten by ticks at least 4-5 times each season and do remember having the "flu" for over a week prior to the beginning of my symptoms. I never saw a "bulls-eye" rash.

I was diagnosed with Lyme just this Month (December, 2004) and have been on oral antibiotics for 2 weeks. Augmentin, 875 mg, twice a day and Zithromycin, 250 mg once a day. No change in my symptoms yet.

I think this is a FABULOUS idea !!!!!!!!!!!!