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Re: Info Status Thread?

Stamford, CT

Onset of symptoms: December 2002

1. Headaches (not in the traditional sense per se, more like pressure in the back of the head that radiates to the front around my eye)
2. Muscle twitching
3. Sleeping problems
4. Neck pain
5. Minor back pain
6. Chest pain, discomfort
7. Heart palpitations (can feel heart beating in chest when I sit on a couch)
8. Dizziness (same here, NOT vertigo)
9. Ringing or "buzz" in ears
10. Fatigue
11. Paranoia, I'm going to die!

2 MRIs
Spinal tap
Sleep study
Hearing test
Western Blot (negative)
ELIZA (partially positive)
I'm definitely missing a few here...

Medications prescribed/taken:
Pull up a chair and let me tell you if you really want to know, hope you've got a while...

Diagnosis of Lyme by my infectious disease doctor: October 2004

Treatment: IV rocephin for 28 days

Told by my infectious disease doctor "it's probably not Lyme if you had no positive effects of the rocephin, let me check your thyroid, think about Zoloft and go back to your neurologist": December 2004

Time it took for me to make the decision to call a LLMD: 15 days

Current status: Frustrated, a little worried but cautiously optimistic about my appointment Jan. 27th with a LLMD.

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