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Re: ? about crohns and fistula

I had what they called a colo-vaginal fistula. I think its similar to what you have right now. Feces and what not drained from my colon through my vagina. I ended up with septicemia, massive infection and came pretty darn close to dying. I have a friend that has trouble with fistulas not closing also. They finally gave her remicade and it worked wonderfully for her. Is this maybe an option for you? I know it is very expensive so unfortunately not an option for many people. Have they mentioned surgery at all? With mine they did a temporary colostomy so it could heal and after about 4 months they went back in and reversed it. I was so full of infection they couldn't locate exactly where the fistula was but they did know the general area. Are you on acidophilus (sp??) or something similar to combat losing all the good flora bacteria from being on the antibiotics? Two years is a long time on an antibiotic. Do you see a GI doc?
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