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Post Emploment For Brain Injured

My brain is injured from exposure to the chemicals where I used to work. I have physiological problems like frequent bad headaches and tremors and going to sleep at different times. That and a few other problems make for quite a variety and yet they kind of tie into each other.

If that weren't bad enough, there's the psychological problems like depression and halucinations and difficulty controlling my emotions. Even a noisy environment, like in an open office, drives me to some pretty ugly thoughts. I go through different problems like my brain is having short circuits in different places. The only way I can manage day to day is to stay in an non-stimulating environment and never, ever completely trust my own mind.

I wondering if others on the board have these kind of problems. How do you find and keep a job? Do you tell prospective employer that have these problems? Do you tell him that you may act funny sometimes and freak out a little under stress? What if it's a job using power tools or driving something? Do you tell the boss that you can suddenly fall asleep? How do you explain that sometimes you get lost in the bathroom?

I guess what I'm asking is, what do you have to do to get a job? Do you lie or omit information? If you do that, are you responsible if you run over or saw through somebody? How do you do it?

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