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I have this problem from a head injury. I'm trying to do everything as normally as possible. My neurologist has me on Neurontin and it's a Godsend for getting your mind back together. I'm working part time at one of the jobs I had before I was injured. The other job which was my money job .. I don't know if I can go back. I've been off for a month now and just don't know if the Dr. is going to let me drive again. I wish at least they'd let me drive my own rig - I could find work that didn't involve driving. Seven years of employment down the tube from one smack in the head. You sound like you understand how one day you're fine and then all of the wierd things start happening and I'm not me anymore. I was so independent- I hate having to ask people for rides- or people think you have a DUII because you can't drive. I tried to take one of my horses into town and a semi went by and I got dragged over an embankment and back up again and the filly fell on the pavement. Luckily we weren't injured but you know how you try all your options to get somewhere. What a wreck. I had another filly run over top of me at the farm today - I felt like an idiot - I didn't understand my bosse's instructions fully and I went in with a horse that had never been handled and tried to work with her as if she was handled. Thank God I had my helmet and vest on. When I got smacked in the head - I took my helmet off for just a second while I tied up a loose horse-a second later I was laying on the ground drooling and bleeding. My heart goes out to you. I know. I feel so stupid now and completely lost. I'd like to go back to work but how do I get there???? Since it's a driving job- what would I do if I got there anyway???????? I know there's vocational rehabilitation programs that the state offers. I'm lucky I live close enough to the farm to walk to work if I have to. You could work at the racetrack as a groom or something. The horses don't care if you can't think.