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My goal is monotherapy for hypertension. I've been on all the drug classes at one time or another and have settled on an ARB + HCTZ. That give me very good control, perhaps too good. (Of course in a doctor's office I still set off fire and smoke alarms when attatched to his rig.)

I am trying for either monotherapy or "natural" means to continue control. I've taken my weight down 20 pounds this year to a fine "fighting weight" and have cut drinking to near zero and have recorded an average BP of around 120/80 for many months.

I flipped a coin this weeek to see what I'll give up as a trial in my goal to monotherapy. So today is my third day without hydrochlorothiazide. BP good last night in spite of a miserable 2 pound water weight gain (2399 calories wouldn't) have done that. Yesterday 1995 calories and another 3 pounds gain. I'm noticeably edematous (and miserably) with 5 extra pounds of water even causing visible creases in my wrist. I'm SURE my BP will be high all day. I took the Cozaar very early to see if the Angiotensin blocking will help relieve SOME of the bloat.
I've gone this route before and it usually takes 5 days to blow the water off in a "brisk diuresis" (peeing all day) implying the body has stabilized.

Does anybody have any insight into the mechanism of this HORRIBLE rebound effect?

I'm almost tempted to switch back on the 50 mg. HCTZ and drop the ARB but I really want to see which will give me the better monotherapy for at least a two week trial of each...maybe a month would be more valid. I'm also VERY curious what kind of a rebound the ARB will have since I've been seeing references to increased renin production to compensate for Angiotensin-2 diminishment. That burst of extra renin running around with no blockade must be fun!

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