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Re: Monotherapy

I do about 3000 mg. sodium a day (in a 2200-2400 calorie diet) but I can't be certain...a day with cheese, canned products or Chinese food might be much more than 4 grams...a day when everything is made from scratch by me, much less than 2.

I have ALWAYS been extremely salt sensitive and get edematous easier than most people. With the several years of 50 mg HCTZ daily, the salt sensitivity went to the back burner...out of sight out of mind. It may well be that the HCTZ is all I need since my control has been excellent with 50-50 HCTZ-losartan.

I'll find out very quickly if the dose of Cozaar isn't effective as a monotherapy. I have a VERY large stockpile so another ARB is out of the question. If I find that it's the 50mg HCTZ that's been doing all my heavy lifting, then so be it- it will be diuretic monotherapy for me...but maybe a potassium sparing one. I rather like the potassium retaining (and uric acid excreting) effects of the sartan and will miss it's moderating effect on the diuretic.

Anything on the feedback loop to make one MORE salt sensitive on diuretc withdrawal...the last 2 days were lower salt but STILL 5 pounds weight gain- obviously from the lack of thiazide!
Is it yet again another renin rush (all roads seeem to go through renin, don't they?) Aldosterone? nor-epinephrine?...or god forbid, as far back as the pituitary?

p.s. This morning's Cozaar first thing on awakening (and weighing) seemed to bring on a healthy diuresis...notably non-saline though. I've noticed the efffect before but only when I was edematous. I can't tell the effect on the bloat, though, til tomorrow's weigh-in. (I've gotten the same diuresis with channel cblockers and beta blockers...I guess the kidney is the ultimate end of BP least for me!)

p.p.s I'm going to do 1/2 hour in the sauna now!

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