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Originally Posted by blondy2061h
I'm going to an allergist for the first time next week. What should I expect? I've never been diagnosed with any allergies except to bug bites and dermatagraphism. I have been treated with anti-histamines before though. I am going because I have asthma and my stomach doctor wants me tested for food allergies. So, what should I expect?
I've been dealing with food allergies for 6 months now.... Wheat and Milk are my two allergies.... for years I've had them and just ignored the stuffy/runny nose, bloating, gas, itchy eyes and nose... I hate going to the doc so I just suffered intill it was too much.

Anyway.... First he took these plastic type things with fluid on the ends and put them on my arms it dosn't really puncture your skin but it does have a little puncture type feeling (dosn't hurt). Then he will see if any of them rise above the others and itch. If doc can't find anything there the doc will ask you to do a food diary of what you eat, drink and put into your mouth for 2 weeks. From that point hte doctor will look over your diary and do another test where he/she will inject fluide of what he feels you might be allergic to ie. corn, wheat, milk, soy. under you skin. Again you will wait for like 10mins and if you have a reacation the bumps will rise and or itch. If that dosn't show anything they will take some blood and run tests that way.

This is how my doc did it. I didn't need to do the blood work, it showed for me after he injected me with the fluide.

Good luck to you any questions, I'll help you the best I can!