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They want her out of the school!!

Hi! I need some help. My 8 year old daughter is in the public school system. This is her 3rd year at this school. She is on meds and recieves behav. therepy at home. She is aggressive towards herslf and others. Recently it hasnt been as bad. She had an incident where she scratched her aide and sp. ther. This has happened before and her tantrum gets under control in 10-15 min. so I am not called in to pick her up. This time the principal wanted me to pick her up, which i did. we had a meeting the next day to brainstorm up some ideas and figure things out. The only option given to me was to remove her from the school and put her in a facility for children and adults with disabilities. I dont agree. Neither does her aide at school or our psyologist. I need to meet with her teacher etc. But I dont want to walk in there stupid. Any ideas? I know I need an advocate. But has anyone had to fight the school system? Any advice would be great! Thanks and happy holidays to you , sadly mine are ruined because of this.

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