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Re: ? about crohns and fistula

The last time I went to the doc he said that sometimes the antibotics can take up to a year to clear up. I have to say that if I miss a dose of the antibotic they will get bigger and be uncomfortable the next day or two. My problem is that my ex knew about the problem and knew that i had some bumps down there. but now that i am single i worry about future sex partners wondering and even being scared of them. I have been single now for about 6 months and really dont know if i will be comfortable to get intimate with someone. I dont know if the granulmas(spelling) can be removed again or not. I go back to my ob/gyn in april and my GI in May and i plan on asking both of them about it. I have a ? for you. My last 2 yearly paps have came back abnormal and I have never had a problem before but since i have had the fistulas they have been abnormal. Have you had this problem? Last year they did the whole pinch a piece of my cervix and check it under a microscope and said that there were no abnormal cells but this year it came back abnormal again. my GI said that sometimes ob/gyns have a problem with Crohns. Just wondering if you have had the same problem. Thanks for all the help.