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Re: Scared-Am i NUTS?

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the the normal fears of parenthood, which will be with you through your child's adult years, LOL! Seriously, as a mom of three, two of whom are already teenagers, you do worry about everything. When its no longer SIDS, its falling down while walking and bumping the head, then that your child might not have any friends at school, then he is driving and you have a whole new set of fears, heehee!

In all honesty, SIDS is extremely rare and that statement comes directly from the AAP. As a matter of fact, the rate of SIDS in a tummy sleeping newborn is not even close to 1%! Your child actually has a greater chance of being injured in an auto accident before the age of five than he does of dying of SIDS. With those statistics I would say please try not to worry too much and enjoy your baby. They grow so fast!

Also, if you find that worry over it is keeping you awake, consider purchasing an angel care monitor. At least you will have peace of mind while the baby sleeps.