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Adult Acne

Just wanted to start a discussion for those of us battling acne as adults. No offense to our younger counterparts, in fact I hope they read and post here too and maybe we can provide them some expert advice and they can give us some hope.

I just think those of us who are suffering from acne as adults could benefit from a place where we can discuss concerns that relate to our situations.

By adult, I'm thinking at least mid to late 20s and beyond. Basically, those of us who thought we had won, or at least gotten past, the acne battle. For the record, I'm 42. Even though I had acne into my late 20s, I thought I had it licked until about three years ago. Now I find myself breaking out again. The new acne combined with the scars and blemishes I still have from my younger days makes it very tough going to work and social events. I'm embarrased to see friends and family I haven't seen for a while. I have become very self-conscious because of it.

For those suffering from acne as adults, what are you doing, what have you done, and how do you cope? What would you like to share about your situation? I think we can find a little comfort here with each other's help.

Despite our situation, find time to enjoy the holidays!



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