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Hi Besty,

After a couple unsucessful visits to the derm a couple years ago (was on Minocin and a steroid cream), I finally decided to try a different one a couple months ago (one that is not in my HMO, so this ordeal is really getting costly!). This derm prescribed Septra and DUAC (Bp). After about two weeks, I had the worst zit of my life - right on my cheek! I went back and the derm upped my Septra prescription. Since then, I really haven't had a break out (been only about 3 weeks now though). I do have a nasty blemish from the "zit from hell" that I'll get to show off at all the Holiday parties coming up! (sigh)

After I feel like I have the acne under control, I want to look at ways to get rid of, or at least lessen, my blemishes and scars. The meds really make my skin sensitive, which makes shaving that much more of a pain!

Let us know how things go with you Besty, and enjoy some relaxation over the holidays!



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