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Re: Adult Acne

Hey there fellow acne-ite! I am 46 and for the past year my chin and just under the jawbone of the chin have been breaking out like crazy!! I could have up to 15 pimples there at once!! The only thing I found to clear it up really fast is something I know I shouldn't be doing, but I look so awful I go for the quick fix! I take a cotton ball and clean my chin with rubbing alcohol, in less than 48 hours I'm in pretty good shape. I will put vaseline on it after that because of the alcohol being so "drying" to the skin.
I can bet you don't have many wrinkles, am I right? I think it's a trade off - our skin is still oily which staves off the wrinkles. Like I have no crows feet around the eyes, nothing! So I try to look on the positive side.