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high thyroid peroxidase

Hi everyone. Should I be concerned or pursue any of this? I am having severe hairloss . It is scary because I am only 24. It is diffuse shedding over all of my head, and on my arms and legs too. I was tested and this is the results:

TSH: normal
Thyroid peroxidase 230 (normal is 40).
Thyroid Globulin: normal
T3 and T4 were never tested.

So my docs say do worry about the grossly abnormal Thyroid peroxidase, sometimes people have antibodies.

What do you think? My mom is hypo thyroid and most of her cousins are too. However, when I looked at my symptoms some are hypo (hair loss) some are hyper (weight loss). The docs are doing nothing, saying sometimes people loose their hair. How should I pursue this. Could this be Hashi's?

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