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Re: high thyroid peroxidase


Personally I do think the TSH is a very poor indicator of thyroid disease. There is growing evidence in the medical field that some doctors are beginning to embrace a new way of thinking about this. My TSH was normal and I had thryoid cancer developing...the doctors were in denial. It took a year and a half before a nodule grew big enough...and a doc examined me closely enough. Even then...the TSH was still reading "normal".

My only indication that something was off...was sudden weight gain...but the doctors dismissed that single critical clue. I'm still waiting for an apology.

If you study up on'll get to know...all the various thryoid maladies you could have going on there. I had Hashimotos...and had NO clue.

I say...keep knocking doors until ALL your questions are answered...hit them up for tests...and neck checks...and are not fooling!

Good luck!