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Originally Posted by Buzzsaw
For those suffering from acne as adults, what are you doing, what have you done, and how do you cope? What would you like to share about your situation? I think we can find a little comfort here with each other's help.
Hi there~~

I wrote about my experiences on a "Murad" thread, but I'll share again here.

I'm female, 43, and I've had acne for <sigh> 30 years. It was never severe, where people would gasp in horror, but there would always be some pimples on my face, all the time.... and I'm not talking about tiny red dots that other people lament over, either. My pimples have tended to be the inflammatory kind.. big, red, hard bumps that last forever.

Anyway, in HS I mostly used things like Clearasil and Stridex (basically useless), then in my 20s I discovered topical erythromycin. It was like a miracle! It really kept my breakouts to a minimum. It worked for several years, then stopped. I gave it up altogether when I started living with my (now) husband, because, frankly, it smelled bad. I just couldn't put that on my face and climb into bed at night

In my 30s I was having children, so I was not about to take/use any sort of drugs for my skin. My skin wasn't too bad then, and during my pregnancies I didn't have one pimple. My skin was so fantastic that I got compliments on it! Unfortunately, it went right back to "normal" after I had my babies.

Once I hit my 40s I started breaking out even more. The worst was when I had to meet my daughter's teacher for the first time. I had gotten the most enormous zit of my life on top of my cheekbone. The whole area blew up so large it looked like I had been hit in the eye. I was mortified. Less than two weeks later I got ANOTHER zit like that... I really couldn't believe it. I've never seen a "thing" like that on anyone. I practically flew to the dermatologist's. That started a whole bad cycle of trying different meds and winding up with irritations and allergic reactions. I finally just gave up and tried to "live with" my acne.

Didn't work. In addition to my acne, I developed big, red scaly patches on the sides of my face. Two different dermatologists said, "I don't know what that is." (Um, great... then who would know?) I tried another "cosmetic dermatologist" because I thought maybe I could benefit from glycolic acid peels. He said he didn't know (Okaaaaay). He also said he didn't know what the red patches were... maybe I had rosacea (Maybe? You can't make a diagnosis?)

In desperation, I looked online for acne treatments and decided to try the Murad line... acne wash, exfoliating gel, oil-free moisturizer. In less than a week I had totally clear, soft skin. No pimples, no red patches. It's my new "miracle."

I'm glad you started this thread, because I don't think younger people who have had acne for a few years can relate to what it is like to have acne for DECADES. If you have acne now, just think how you'd feel if it never went away. Got a face full of pimples? Picture that being your skin, forever. At some point, you really start to feel ridiculous. And it's tiresome. In addition to the acne, I have really oily skin. Im my 20s and 30s it would be gushing. I'd have to wash my face several times/day at work it was that greasy. I'd have to pray before important events that I wouldn't wake up with a big, honkin', face-distorting zit.

If there is an upside, all the oiliness (plus no tanning!) has prevented me from getting any wrinkles. Still, enough already! I think I have paid my dues And while the Murad is keeping my face clear, I wish I didn't have to do any of it. What's it like to have normal skin that you can simply just wash and that's it? What's it like not to have to touch up your makeup a zillion times because cosmetics slide off your face? Doesn't look like I'll be finding out any time soon

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