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Originally Posted by kittikat
So here it is, I have noticed that if I keep tell myself positive thoughts the idea of having acne doesn't seem as bad. I can cover it with makeup and nobody knows I have it. I have spent to much time letting acne control my life. The day I said to hell with the bloody acne, my quality of life has improve and as well as my relationship with others. I definitely still have my bad days, but I have developed some new hobbies and I am trying really hard to stay positive. Bottom line, we only have one life to live and I don't want to live my life worrying about my acne. Ironically, not stressing about my acne, I noticed that it has improved. Go Figure.

Happy Holidays and everyone keep safe.
Hey Kitti! Thanks for the response and great attitude! I need to get to the point where I say "the hell with the boody acne" but I'm not there yet. I still obsess. But, with your inspiration, and that from others, I think I might get by! I had a great night out tonight and I'm the only one who probably cared that I had bad skin (I'm going to start another post related to this in a minute)

Happy holidays Kitti and all!