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Re: Adult Acne

Hey guys....just wanted to add my story. I am a 32 year old female and I started breaking out for the first time at age 28, when I went off of the pill to try to get pregnant. I broke out in cystic acne all over my cheeks and chin. I tried all of the topicals, the Proactiv and many different "cures" that were suggested here. The only thing that cleared me, finally, was the pill.

Yasmin worked for a while, but then the cystic stuff got worse and I went back to Zovia. Now, I use the Zovia and wash my face with glycolic cleanser and moisturize with Kinerase. Those three products alone have saved my face.

Now, around my period, I get one or two pimples on my chin, but none are cystic and nothing a little dab of benzoyl peroxide doesn't cure.

I would also say that exfoliation is really crucial too, but only once you get clear. Doing it before that time just irritated my skin more.

My issue now is that I can't go off of the pill to get pregnant. I am still searching for a way to do that....if anyone has any suggestions. I just can't face being miserable everyday again, so until I figure this out, I will have to stay on the pill. It took so long to get clear, it just doesn't seem worth it to start all over again. Acne is such a self-esteem wrecker!!