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You sound like my twin sister. I also have the dilemma of going off the pill to get pregnant. I recently got married. My husband and I want children and we are definitely getting to an age where it should be soon. But when I started to break out with cystic acne and it was psychologically effecting my well being, my derm recommended that I switch birth control pills to prevent the acne. I was planning to stop taking the pill when I got married. My husband felt that it was important for me to feel better, so he was supportive in continuing the birth control.

Recently, however, I went to another dermatologist who really had a good perspective of how acne was effecting my life. He was actually surprised that I was taking birth control to treat my acne because I had stated that my husband and I want children. He said that it was just acne and that you cannot put your life on hold for it. You will regret it in the future. Also, he stated that most of his clients complexions improved once they get pregnant. I got to thinking about that. Acne or having children. I can't believe that it has come down to that. That is pathetic. I care so much about treating the acne on my face I am willing to not have children. Well, I am going to consult with my gynecologist and discuss the option of stopping the pill. By the way, I also take the pill because I have endometrosis and it actually helps with the symptoms. If that were not the case, I would have stopped when my derm told me to go live my life and stop worrying so much. So that is my story.