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Re: Hello, I'm a newbie here and need advice!

I just read your message and I joind so I could reply to you! I hope I do this right! I was diagonsed with Adult ADD in 1980 when I was 32 years old. I was in a double blind study at the University of Utah Medical Center to test medication for adults. At the time I had two sons who had been reciently diagnosed
with ADD and doing quite well, however I was still doing terribly. I was an underachiever in school. I was always told that I needed to try harder. I cried all the time because I really truly tried as hard as I could all the time! Back when I was in school I was just naughty. Something in me
just knew that I was a good person and that some day I would be smart and not dumb as even my mother told me! (Can you imagine that?)At 32 I was so blessed to get help. Shortly after getting my life in control I was able to join the Air National Guard (with a waiver from my shrink).I have
"managed" my Adult ADD since the onset of the double blind study. I was so proud when I was able to "follow through" and retire from the guard. Inbetween all of this I raised three awesome children, now adults with my two sons managing their personal challenges with Adult ADD. I've
been able to help others. Teaching parenting classes has been a total joy and now my own children call me and ask for help in many aspects of their childrens' behavior. [ removed ] Life is way good. You have a lot to look forward to! I hope this give you some peace, hope and a vision to a wonderful future.

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