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Re: high thyroid peroxidase


This is my full lab results: First, I had my TSH tested a month before this blood test, and again it was 1.81, exactly the same.

RBC= 4.13 (3.8-5.3)
Hemoglobin= 12.9 (11.7-16.0)
Iron= I know it was tested, but don't know which one. Maybe it wasn't tested, but I know I couldn't take iron vitamins a week before the bloodtest.
Ferritin= 69 (10-291)
Sodium= 140 (136-146)
Potassium= 4.2 (3.5-5.1)
So the Liver thing is a bit off:
billirubin: 1.6 (.3-1.2)
Alt 14 (10-37)
ALKP 50 (30-120)
Protein Total 6.8 (6.6-8.3)

So as you can see though some of these numbers are normal, many are just normal. And no doctor is doing anything! So if anyone has advice, on what I should start demanding please feel free. The thing is, I just have this really gut feeling that I know my body and I can't chalk my hairloss up to nothing.

Thanks all! You've been a wealth of info!