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Being Sent To a Heart Doctor?

Today I went to see my regular gp doctor for only a follow up since he knew I was diagnosed with sjogrens by my rhuematologist,and auto immune disorder. Well as he asks me about how my respiratory problems are now , I begin to tell him that I have regular flares that begin with a squeezing feeling down deep in my windpipe,and then a air pressure feeling that lasts a few hours on top of my left shoulder,then from the windpipe I feel the pain move down lower similar to a pleurisy type feeling and shortness of breathe. This whole time I am thinking the problems from the sjorens and lungs and suddenly he asks me to repeat all that ,and says it may be my heart,and sets me up with a heart doctor and stress tests and other tests. I am very nervous and scared now. What do you all think? I would appreciate your comments , I really need to hear from you. He also said I seem depressed, yeah , well duh! lol. HE sends me home with nitro glicerin which reallyl scares me.

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