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Does this sound like an allergy?


I've been suffering problems with my nose for a while now and was wondering if it is due to an allergy or whether it is something else. The symptoms i've been suffering are:

1) Congestion - in one nostril only (which alternates from nostril to nostril).
The congestion is very thick and clogged up - it doesn't move - when i try to blow it out or sniff it up nothing happens - just stays clogged.

2) Excessive/heavy swallowing - which i think may be due to post-nasal drip.

I never suffer a 'runny' nose - it is always thick and sticky.

I am thinking that it is not an allergy because the symptoms don't respond to steroid nasal sprays, and i have recently started using allergic protection bedding and mattress cover to no benefit.

Does anyone have an advice that they could share with me, or has anyone been in the same situation.

Many thanks.

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