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Re: heart rate?

In a healthy person the resting rate would be around 70 bpm. Some trained athletes have a much lower resting rate (say, 55 - 60). As you exercise (walking, running, lifting, any exertion) the heart rate goes up to increase the supply of oxygen to your muscles. It will usually rise fairly slowly, but when it reaches about 140 bpm even a healthy person should ease off. At this rate and beyond you will begin to feel the "beating" and may get other symptoms such as breathlessness. This means you should stop at this level of exertion, and should not be there unless a Doctor has OK'd it with you anyway.A measure of your fitness is the recovery time back to say 80 bpm. As you get fitter this time will shorten. If it takes more than about 10-15 minutes of rest, you should cut back a bit on your effort.As you can see there are no simple numbers that apply to everyone, so you need your Doctor's advise, as he is aware of your health status, and over-exertion can be dangerous. A general rule is that if you feel sick or breathless you should stop, or very gently ease down.All the best,
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